THE ULTIMATE BOOK for Application Sums (Printed Edition)

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Data Interpretation is an essential part of Quantitative Aptitude Section that you cannot exclude it in any competitive exams. New Pattern DI questions consist of some application topics like time & work, profit & loss, etc. Most of the students taking more time to solve these kinds of DI questions. As an aspirant, you have to know how to approach those questions and how to reduce the time duration. “THE ULTIMATE BOOK for Data Interpretation” consists of   2190  new pattern questions and it helps you to know all types of DI questions like Tabular, Bar Graph, Line Graph, etc. You can start with easy level, moderate and then move on to solve hard level questions for improving your overall performance.


Application Sums (Topic Wise)


 No. Of Questions

Easy Level


Moderate Level-1


Moderate Level-2


Hard Level -1




THE ULTIMATE BOOK for Application Sums - Total Number of Pages: 441

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**This Ultimate Book for Application Sums consists of 2190 questions which are completely different from the ebooks which we have already provided.

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