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Role - Youtube Lecture

Bank & Railway Exams - Youtube Lecture

Eligibility Criteria & Skill Required:

  • Required experience in Teaching & Youtube Video Making (Especially for Bank Exams)
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Should have good knowledge and updates about Bank Exams
  • Sound knowledge in Bank & Railway Exams Question Pattern
  • Coordinate with other members for effective implementation of the program
  • Should be able to think and solve critical issues creatively.
  • Ability to do research on New Pattern Questions.

Nature of Work:

  • Responsible for delivering Video lectures on Youtube for the Students those who are preparing Bank & Railway Exams.
  • To provide effective  tips for students
  • Interact with our followers and make them involved in the session
  • Implement new innovative ideas to support more students

Location:Freelance (Work from Home)

Experience:Required Experience in Teaching & Youtube Video Making

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