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Topic Test 2019 mock tests

Current Affairs Quiz December 20191st - 31st Dec 2019
Current Affairs Quiz November 20191st - 30th Nov 2019
Current Affairs Quiz October 20191st - 31st Oct 2019
Current Affairs Quiz September 20191st - 30th Sep 2019
Current Affairs Quiz August 20191st - 31st Aug 2019
Current Affairs Quiz April 20191st Apr- 30th Apr 2019
Seating Arrangement - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Pipes and Cisterns - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Time and Work - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Order and Ranking - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Profit and Loss - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Input Output - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Error Spotting - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Mensuration - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
SI and CI - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Mixture And Alligation - Level Based Easy + Moderate Level
Fill in the blanks - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Blood Relation and Direction - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Ratio and Proportion - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Averages - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Syllogism - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Percentage - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Coding Decoding - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
AlphaNumeric Series - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Inequality - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Ages Sums - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Simplification - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Cloze Test - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Sentence Rearrangement - Level BasedEasy + Moderate Level
Reading Comprehension - Level BasedEasy + Moderate level
Current Affairs Quiz March 20191st Mar- 31st Mar 2019
Current Affairs Quiz February 20191st Feb- 28th Feb 2019
Monthly Current Affairs Quiz 2019Every Month CA Quizzes of 2019
Current Affairs Quiz January 20191st jan - 31st Jan 2019
Current Affairs Quiz December 20181st Dec - 31st Dec 2018

Topic Test 2018 mock tests

Current Affairs Quiz November 20181st Nov - 30th Nov 2018
Current Affairs Quiz October 20181st Oct - 31st Oct 2018
Current Affairs Quiz September 20181st Sep - 30th Sep 2018
Current Affairs Quiz August 20181st Aug - 31st Aug 2018
Current Affairs Quiz July 20181st July - 31st July 2018
Current Affairs Quiz June 20181st June - 30th June 2018
Monthly Current Affairs Quiz 2018Every Month CA Quizzes
Current Affairs Quiz May 20181st May - 30th May 2018
Moderate Level - Data Interpretation10 sets - 200 Questions
Moderate Level - Seating Arrangement10 sets - 200 Questions
Hard Level - Seating Arrangement10 sets - 200 Questions
Hard Level - Data Interpretation10 Sets - 200 Questions
Moderate Level - Application Sums10 sets -200 Questions

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Practicing with Mock Tests is must essential for everyone to boost up your Sectional & Overall scores. So for that, Mock Test should be available as per the updated syllabus and exam pattern. Here we have provided the updated Mock Test Series.


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Most of the competitive exams are conducting through the online mode. Here we have provided the Mock test series through the online mode. You can feel like real exam scenario. Aspirants can be accessed through both the Mobile App & Desktop by 24/7


Detailed Exam Analysis

After the completion of every test you will get the detailed exam analysis. The exam analysis will be available in the form of Pie chart & Line graph in the view of user friendly. So that you can analyze your stronger & weaker section very easily

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